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We are a Social Enterprise. We assist rural community organizations in achieving a fair, profitable, inclusive, and sustainable relationship with the market.

We design and support the implementation of pathways for market access and growth for rural community organizations. Our focus is on environmentally strategic territories with high social complexity.

Market Pathway Design

We create customized market pathways for rural community organizations, offering strategic guidance, preventing wear and tear, and providing clarity for action.

Enhancement in the Market

We support the implementation of market pathways in business-to-business (B2B) and (B2C) segments within local, national, and international markets, through a peer-to-peer relationship.

Analysis for Wisdom Action

We expand the understanding of markets and territorial relationships, providing specialized analysis for strategic decision-making. We deliver personalized results derived from large volumes of data.

We work with rural communities

We collaborate with rural organizations led by communities that exist within historical conditions of inequality and are in situations of social and economic vulnerability. These communities encompass peasants, Afro-descendants, indigenous peoples, and former combatants.

We operate in strategic ecosystem areas

We support rural organizations operating in buffer zones of protected areas. We ensure that their business models acknowledge their environmental distinctiveness and make commercial decisions aimed at enhancing it, thereby ensuring the conservation of biodiversity and the environmental services they provide.

We work across a wide range of market segments

We support rural organizations offering various products and services to engage with both businesses (B2B) and end consumers (B2C) in different market segments at the local, national, and international levels.

Let’s build collective impact

We are a Social Enterprise based in Colombia. We have implemented our working methodology with over 70 rural community organizations in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Do we share the purpose of contributing to the improvement of rural communities’ livelihoods and the preservation of ecosystems through the promotion of market relationships?