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We share resources related to the understanding of rural community organizations and their connection with markets.

How difficult is it to build a sustainable and inclusive company?

Planeta CBH SAS is a community-based company located in Chocó, Colombia, a place marked by profound social, economic, and political contrasts. Planeta has been developing an inclusive and sustainable business model in the açaí and jagua value chain.

This jointly written reflection introduces central elements of Planeta’s journey and reflects on its learnings and challenges over time. We present this analysis at the Ninth International Conference on Sustainable Development.

Lessons and Learnings in Promoting the Naidí Chain in the Colombian Pacific

Naidí from the Pacific (açaí in the Amazon) is the fruit of a palm tree that, due to its high concentration of antioxidants, is considered a superfood with potential applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

In the Pacific region, the sustainable use of naidí is regarded as a potential productive alternative that can address the high rates of deforestation in this territory.

This case study conducted for Fondo Acción presents the history, lessons, and insights gathered by the Fund in its process of supporting and strengthening the community-based enterprise Sociedad Naidiseros del Pacífico S. A. S.

Learn more about our work

Since our inception, we have worked purposefully to cultivate a business model that prioritizes equity, sustainability, and the well-being of all those we engage with.

In this report, we unveil how we have embedded this vision into every facet of our business model: the services rendered, corporate governance, labor practices, environmental initiatives, and community relations. Available only in Spanish.