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We believe that by reducing economic inequalities and enhancing access and engagement with the market, we can transform other inequities and create opportunities to strengthen the livelihoods of communities and safeguard ecosystems.

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Market Pathway Design

Enhancement in the Market

Testimonials from some of the rural community organizations we have accompanied

“Huella Delta provided us with solid foundations and clear guidelines on how to move forward. It was the first mentoring that truly delivered specific outcomes, along with crucial documents and insights.”

“”Thanks to Huella Delta’s guidance, we have enhanced our understanding of the business model and pinpointed key strategies to reach break-even point and enhance our customer relationships.”

“The journey with Huella Delta was invaluable, as it contributed to our strategic vision and enhanced our corporate image. It also aided us in gaining a deeper understanding of our diverse customer segments, taking into account our unique differentiators as an integral part of our business management.”

Co-founder of a Biocosmetics Company led by indigenous communities. (Putumayo, Colombia)

Let’s build collective impact

We are a Social Enterprise based in Colombia. We have implemented our working methodology with over 70 rural community organizations in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Do we share the purpose of contributing to the improvement of rural communities’ livelihoods and the preservation of ecosystems through the promotion of market relationships?